What We Do

What We Do

Mara landowners and tourism parties had previously lacked a common and united front, but with MMWCA, they have now a strong platform to establish and strengthen the Mara conservancies. MMWCA has a mandate from landowners and tourism parties to play an overarching coordination role for Greater Mara Ecosystem stakeholders, foster unity, strength and cohesion within and among the Mara conservancies on a regional level; raise Mara issues, impact and vision on a national and international level.

MMWCA believes that conservancies are the best mechanism to sustain conservation on private lands in the Greater Mara Ecosystem. Viable conservancies require good governance structures and systems, solid management, strong revenue streams, and transparent benefit sharing. If conservancy revenue is optimized and diversified, conservation will become the optimal land use and conservancies will thrive, resulting in increased wildlife trends, improved ecological health and positive social and economic outcomes for communities and the tourism sector alike.

To enable strong and thriving conservancies across the Greater Mara Ecosystem, prioritize efforts that contribute to the creation and sustainability of conservancies as a mechanism to improve the health of the entire landscape, MMWCA’s focus is on the following key areas of work, with and on behalf of stakeholders:

  • Sustaining, Developing and Creating Conservancies and Conservation Areas
  • Facilitating, Coordinating and Implementing Conservation and Social Development
  • Advocating for a Better Conservancy Framework
  • Fundraising and Promoting

You may also refer to our (strategic plan 2017 – 2020) for a set of goals and objectives that are key to realizing our mandate.
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A cultural landscape where communities and partners secure wildlife and sustainable livelihoods for a better future.


To conserve the greater Maasai Mara ecosystem, through a network of protected areas, for the prosperity of all – biodiversity and wildlife, the local population, and recreation and tourism for the nation of Kenya.


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Today we celebrate Olchorro Oirowua Conservancy and Kenya Wildlife Service for their efforts that have seen Mara Conservancies boast of the only wide-mouth rhinos (Kofi & Queen Elizabeth) in the ecosystem. #WorldRhinoDay

Did you know 10yr old Koffi Annan was born on the date the late former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan negotiated a peace deal between PM Raila Odinga and President Kibaki following the 2007/08 Post-election violence? Now you know!

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